Low Smoke – Zero Halogen
  UL/CSA approvals completed for High Speed
 -VW-1 & Cable Flame Test - 1x thru 12x all AWG Sizes
 -CM/CL2/CMG/FT4 – 1x constructions 32 to 22 AWG
 -CM/CL2/CMG/FT4 – 4x constructions 30 to 24 AWG
   Meet UL Low Smoke requirement (CL2-LS)
 -Power Limited Circuit—Multi Conductor and Multi-Pair Approved for CL2/FT4 & CL2R ratings
 -Communication Cable—Multi Conductor and Multi-Pair Approved for CM CMG & CMR ratings
 -Flex Cord Cables approval, Tray Cable approvals pending.
Key development project for more flexible and more flame retardant materials – more focused suppliers
Improved physical characteristics to meet UL/CSA & flexibility

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